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We have expertise in
residential property management
 and creating well-designed
spaces to suit a variety of needs

We provide exceptional personalized service, honest relationships, and committed responsiveness. We are completely obsessed with organization and design and bring these sensibilities to any residential renovation project. For clients who want to generate extra income, we can help market residential spaces for events, off-sites, or photoshoots. 

Property Management
Long-Term Management

PROPERTY SERVICES Long & Short-Term Rentals

Long-Term Rentals
To find the perfect tenant we:


1.  Consider specifics of the space, assess decisions (price, pets, etc.), and assess fixes/upgrades.


2. Take photos throughout rental.


3.  Create an online listing  
with a myriad of pictures and very detailed text, including information about the neighborhood.


​4.  Respond to all inquiries within 1 hour of receipt.


​5.  Set up personalized showings and open houses.


​6.  Ask key questions of prospective tenants to get a feel for personalities and potential good fit.​


7.  Review applications

and assess credit/criminal reports.


​8.  Draft lease, collect deposit, arrange move-in date.

Short-Term Rentals

Allowing strangers to rent out a furnished space that you also live in part-time isn't for everyone and is not always appropriate for every abode. If you are considering becoming a home sharer, you should think about what items in your home you are comfortable sharing and what things are off-limits. 


Reasons to home share:

For some people, money is the main motivator, however, there are other other less-tangible reasons too:


  • " I prefer my space not to be sitting vacant."

  • "I have a beautiful apartment,  I enjoy sharing it with others."

  • Some like the “community” element – offering their property to 
    people from all over the world.


  • Others enjoy reading the positive reviews and how their home helped make the guest's stay so perfect.

FAQs about short-term renting:




What does short-term management entail?


Lots and lots of patience, attention to detail, and constant availability to answer questions, make adjustments, and respond fast to guest's concerns/needs.


What sort of interaction can I expect with guests?


Communication with prospective  and actual booked guests can run the gamut from answering basic questions about the space to providing helpful recommendations and suggestions for activities in the area. We recommend professional cleaning before/after each guest and have a cadre of handy people on-call to take care of any repairs that arise during guest stays. 


What about legality? Are short-term rentals even allowed in my city?


Each municipality is different and many jurisdictions are just now beginning the process of hammering out their requirements and laws/ordinances. Jordie is currently the co-lead for the East Bay Home Sharers group and an active member of both the San Francisco Home Sharers and the Home Sharers Democratic Clubs. All of these are grass-roots volunteer groups that are actively involved in tracking and developing legislation to help ensure fair and legal home sharing for all in the Bay Area, and California in general.


What makes us good at being “hosts”?


We love facilitating people’s good times. It is really fun to meet folks from all over the globe and help them enjoy our diverse Bay Area attractions. We are huge supporters of local businesses, and take great pleasure in frequenting many of the local performing arts, galleries, restaurants, and events. We find that people who choose Airbnb often want a more organic and “local” experience, which dovetails nicely with our own proclivities and allows us to be a great resource to them. Jordie has been an Airbnb host since 2012. 

Photoshoot Location Management

PROPERTY SERVICES Events, Off-Sites & Photoshoots

Small companies and start-ups frequently look for inspirational environments to host off-site meetings for teams or investors. Photoshoot producers and scouts seek that perfect location to use as a backdrop. Are you willing to have creative events or meetings in your dwelling? If so, perhaps hosting these types of events are the answer! Bookings can be limited to business hours, can be more profitable, and are an alternative solution to monetizing your unused space, especially in cities that are legislating short-term guests away.


FAQs about events, off-sites and photoshoots


Is my home a potential fit?


If your home has a variety of different indoor/outdoor settings, is clutter-free space, has good light, and multiple opportunities for depth-of-field shots, it could be a location for photoshoots. If it has interesting design or architecture, modular or a flexible layout, and room for group seating, it could also be a good fit for off-sites, trainings, events, or presentations


How do you help us?


If your property is deemed suitable, we will arrange to have it photographed. We will edit the photos with potential clients in mind, pass them along to local scouting agencies, and create listings on related websites.

Photoshoot: Telegraph Hill, SF

We bring 20+ years of photography production and marketing management experience with both location and studio shoots. This gives us insider understanding of the business which we use to help clients optimize their spaces.  



As my “rep” what do you do for me leading up to, and on day of shoot or event?


We will manage all logistics in consultation with you, ensuring client has adequate insurance naming you as additional insured, overseeing scheduling, payment, and any other special requirements of the space. Where appropriate, we can have at least one staff person onsite from set up to breakdown on the day of the event to oversee all activities, answer questions, and be a custodian for the space. We always ensure your home looks the same way it did before the crew/team arrived, and oversee any cleaning requirements.


How long do these engagements last?


Every booking is different. For the most part off-sites and photoshoots usually occur during regular business hours; events and parties can go into the evenings. The beauty is: you can choose your clientele, and NONE of them spend the night and thereby avoid potentially violating local short-term rental regulations.



Locations we represent:

Location: St. Helena, Napa 

Location: Telegraph Hill, SF

Location: Truckee, CA

Location: Orinda, CA


We provide customized remodeling and design services for a variety of living spaces and budgets. From a basic design consultation such as updating colors and changing a few furnishings, to a full room remodel, preparation for a sale/staging, or a bathroom, kitchen or deck design and build, we can collaborate with you to ensure you are getting your specific desires met with the biggest bang for your buck to enhance your space.


Our specialties include:

  1. Personalized support.

  2. Working within budgets and schedules.

  3. Building trusted relationships.

  4. Sourcing quality materials.

  5. Creating mood boards to help visualize ideas.

  6. Working with contractors to produce accurate design plans, drawings, and elevations.

  7. Helping you to select and manage contractors.

  8. Buying wholesale, from retailers, or creating custom designs.


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