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Artist Representation
Photo Production

CREATIVE SERVICES Artist Representation

Are you an artist who just wants to create and perhaps you struggle with the selling or administrative side of your business? Having a “rep” can relieve you of stress and allow you more time to focus on your craft. As your representative, we act as your advocate to ensure your work is reaching the right markets, is presented in a professional manner, and achieves the highest price possible. Our goal is to work with you to create a customized marketing plan and collateral materials (including leave-behind materials and a professional website), develop a list of appropriate commercial venues for your work, and create a unique and compelling story of you that highlights the creative path and primary influences behind your work. 

Artist Spotlight #1: David Oorbeck, dro handwoven

For more than a decade, David Oorbeck has been creating distinctive artisanal ponchos and wraps from high quality luxury fibers. He is a self-taught weaver, spinner, and dyer who has started his own label (dro handwoven), which is being worn around the globe. David fashions his designs using rare and unique vintage patterns from as early as the eighteenth century, recreating styles from periods and countries that resonate for him.


For truly singular garments with an incredibly individual character, he hand-spins and hand-dyes his own yarn. David weaves one-of-a-kind wearable works of art by hand in Oakland, CA using natural fibers including alpaca, mohair, silk, cashmere, and wool.


When not weaving David can be found on stage singing opera or caring for clients in his acupuncture practice. We are currently marketing David’s creations to exclusive boutique shops in Northern California. 

Artist Spotlight #2: Dobee Snowber, mixed media monoprinter and painter



Dobee Snowber has been creating and exhibiting her mixed media work since 1986. Her technique fuses monoprinting, painting, ink, pastels, with various papers and transfer images to explore the relationship between the mundane tasks and constraints of life and creativity. Through her entropic process, soulful and vibrant colors, images shift, evolve, and come to life, touching on what is precious, fleeting, and still, throughout our busy lives.


She received a B.A. in Intellectual History and Feminist Studies from Kirkland College in Clinton, NY and a BFA in Printmaking and Painting from the Portland School of Art in Portland, ME. She has a studio in Berkeley, CA and has a

self-published book of her art alongside poetry. Dobee exhibits throughout the U.S. and abroad.


We are marketing her work with local galleries, and building a stronger customer base. Learn more about Dobee and see additional work here at




We love to collaborate

with other artists/makers, 

manage creative projects, and develop custom work. 

Our creative expertise comes from 

years of marketing and visual arts experience. We can help develop your 

ideas, manage projects, and bring 

creative concepts and materials to life.

CREATIVE SERVICES Photoshoot Management

We have years of studio and location photoshoot management 

and production experience for companies based in New York and the Bay Area. These include shoots at locations throughout the U.S., England, Mexico, and Puerto Rico for well-known retail brands with products ranging from t-shirts/causal wear to career, accessories, home, gift, kitchen and more. 

Our skills include managing the entire creative process including sourcing, scouting, booking talent, print production, hiring and managing logistics (photographers, fashion/prop stylists, hair/make-up artists, casting/models, studios/locations/scouts, wardrobe, craft services, accommodations, transportation), and managing client relationships.


Previous clients include:


  • Clifford & Wills

  • eBay

  • Bloomingdale’s By Mail

  • Essence By Mail

  • Concepts By Career Guild

  • Turiya By Scandia Down

  • AlphaBroder

  • Mayabella

  • Timex


  • Seattle's Best Coffee

  • Torrefazione Italia Coffee

Marketing consluting
CREATIVE SERVICES  Marketing Consulting


Whether you are an individual starting out and need a new brand identity and website, or if you are an established business that needs creative project management support, we have years of integrated marketing experience and can help at any stage of the creative process, regardless of its size.


We love getting into the details to understand what an individual project requires to get off the ground or simply to move it forward - learning the consumer mindset, working cross-functionally, and using gathered information to drive development decisions. 


Previous experience include:

  • Websites 

  • Newsletters

  • Emails

  • Banners

  • Brochures

  • Stop action videos



  • Signage

  • Ads

  • Social media

  • Letters

  • Tradeshow collateral/promotions

  • Brand guidelines

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